Dan, The Taxi Man

Dan, The Taxi Man

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Here's Dan, Beep! Beep! the Taxi Man, going to the show and picking up the band.

Climb inside while you still can with Dan, Beep! Beep! the Taxi Man.


And what a band it is! A symphony of sounds and colors, this cumulative tale is as much fun to read aloud as it is to listen to.

Singer/songwriter, author and renowned  performer Eric Ode has crafted a delightfully engaging cumulative verse brought to life by Kent Culotta’s exuberant paintings. The rhyme sings with the sounds belonging to the various instruments of each hip band member as they pile into Dan’s taxi, heading to the show.

Storytime App:

Play along with Dan, the Piano Man on an interactive toy piano keyboard. Designed for parents and children to engage together and share the musical experience, users will learn some basic music concepts then practice their new skills or just explore the piano and play their own tunes. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s a musical blast! 

Special Features   

•Voice over 
•Sound effects 
•Interactive animations on every page   
•Option to mute voice over  
•Interactive piano keyboard