Discovering the Hidden Woodland World - Kid's Picture Book

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You've seen plenty of old tree trunks, but have you ever thought about the forest animals and insects who rely on them to survive? This whimsical children's book takes young readers on a unique adventure into the forest to see the amazing ecosystem of trees and stumps! Featuring stunning illustrations, educational captions, vocabulary words, cut-out accents, and hidden chambers, each turn of the page reveals more and more stunning secrets of nature. From the important role old tree trunks play in the natural world to which insect loves the taste of rotten wood, which takes several years to hatch, how trees tell their life story, and so much more, kids will have a blast seeing trees and stumps in a whole new light! After reading Discovering the Hidden Woodland World, you'll never be able to walk past a tree without pausing for a close-up look again! 14 Pages