Dr. Maggie's Grand Tour of the Solar System

Dr. Maggie's Grand Tour of the Solar System

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Just how much would it cost to colonize Mars? Could a human survive on the blistering-hot surface of Venus? Space scientist Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock takes readers on the trip of a light-speed lifetime - from the proximity of the surface of our very own planet to the furthest sectors of the Solar System.

  • A visual feast; readers will be inspired to learn and discover more.
  • Showstopping illustrations and photographs; full color throughout.
  • Accessible and engaging way; infographics and fascinating facts.
  • Dr. Maggie is committed to inspiring new generations of astronauts, engineers and scientists.

"A lot of information lives between these covers, but a conversational tone and distinct bubbles of
text make it easily digestible. ... The main pages include stunning photographs, illustrations, and digital renderings that work well alongside the chatty text. A wondrous introductory tour for any budding astronomer or would-be astronaut."
-- Booklist

"This fun and engaging resource could strengthen astronomy collections."
-- School Library Journal

"With a genial BBC science educator as guide, a good gander round our stellar neighborhood, from Earth to Oort cloud. ...the substantial factual payload, ably abetted by a closing 'ship's database' that includes a largely female gallery of astronomers and other 'space people,' is lightened by the author/narrator's chatty style. ...a well-informed chaperone gives this one an added boost."
-- Kirkus Reviews