Glitter Pictures - The Gentle Life of Fairies

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Paint with glitter! Peel back the die-cut paper on the picture board to expose the adhesive layer and pour and brush on the vibrantly colored glitter.


• With a paint-by-number feel, create the 4 partially illustrated fairies with the 6 colors of sparkling glitter, each board is 6 x 8 inches
• Contains 4 adhesive art boards, 6 glitter tubes, a special peeling tool, a brush, and a beautifully illustrated instruction and inspiration book
• Develops fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, design, color composition, and storytelling; comes in a book-like box to keep everything together
• A great gift for clever crafters ages 7+

Contents: 4 printed, pre-pasted cards (8.2" x 5.9"), 6 tubes of glitter, 1 plastic tool, 1 brush, and 1 color step-by-step instruction booklet.
Design by: Hualing Xu, China
Recommended for ages 7-13 years