I Do It Like This!

I Do It Like This!

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This fun, interactive book of comparisons allows young children to explore the world of animals while thinking about how they do everyday activities themselves.

Putting animal lives and facts in context alongside activities children are familiar with makes this a brilliant way for young children to learn about animals and celebrate differences and similarities. Readers compare the way they eat, sleep, walk, run, hear and communicate with creatures from around the world.
  • Puts animal facts into easily understandable context.
  • Concepts; difference and similarities.
  • Eating, sleeping, walking, communicating and more.
  • Illustrated glossary.

"This book compares and contrasts the different ways that people and animals do everyday things. ... Brooks' clever text is well researched yet also has a playful tone. Johnson-Isaacs' lively and colorful illustrations complement the text seamlessly. Teachers and parents will appreciate the last pages where readers are invited to imitate some of the animals' movements and sounds. Highly recommended for any home, school or public library."
-- The Pirate Tree

"… offers lots of interesting information illustrated with pleasing, playful pictures…"
-- Kirkus Reviews