Love From Alfie McPoonst

Love From Alfie McPoonst

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When Alfie the dog dies, he sends his owner Izzy letters in the mail from his new address: The Nicest Cloud, Dog Heaven, The Sky. He wants her to know that he misses her - so much! - but his new home in heaven is great! Sensitively balancing humor and emotions, this beautifully observed picture book will reassure children experiencing loss for the first time.

"A tender and somewhat humorous look at the loss of a pet, this story will encourage readers to creatively express their thoughts and feelings about death. ... I love how this book inspires children to acknowledge their grief and make sense of death through the therapeutic act of letter writing."
-- PSLA Literature Review

"McNiff's tender prose tackles a huge problem: how to help children who have lost a beloved pet. Her prose is simple and the story ends on a tender note. Metola's detailed and playful illustrations capture the love shared between a child and her/his pet. This book is a tender way to soften the loss of a beloved pet."
-- The Pirate Tree

"...a dog writes letters from heaven to a child back on Earth, easing the grieving process. Alfie McPoonst, a dog of indeterminate breed, has recently moved on to being a 'Sky Dog' in Dog Heaven, residing on the 'nicest cloud' in the sky. He writes to Izzy, his owner, a diminutive, round-headed moppet. ... A memorable effort that will comfort anyone who has lost a beloved dog."
-- Kirkus Reviews, STARRED

"The conclusion is both reassuring and promising, delivered with a childlike voice and charm to match Alfie's tone. It is a satisfying journey to peace of mind through text and concept. It is in the illustrations, though, that the journey introduces, deepens, and ends its emotional arc. With swaths of color and fine intentional lines, as real and raw as the ache of loss, Metola welcomes a universal audience to the experiences shared on the page."
-- Unpacking the Power of Picture Books