Olga We're Out of Here!

Olga We're Out of Here!

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Olga, the animal-loving girl scientist, returns in her second adventure! Her trip to outer space is postponed when Meh comes down with a case of the Pink-Pox in this paper-over-board middle grade illustrated novel.

Where is Meh is from? Olga is 99 percent sure it’s outer space! After an extensive kid-genius research session at the library in preparation for the ultimate trip to Planet Olgamus, Olga notices that Meh is acting weird. She won’t eat olives. She sleeps for twelve hours at a time. She’d rather pee on the rug than go for a walk in the park. And she smells bad—REALLY bad—worse than usual!

Worried, Olga takes Meh to the vet. But vets are humans. And humans are notoriously ANNOYING. What if the vet hurts Meh? Olga can’t stand it. She must go collect Meh and solve the mystery herself. In Elise Gravel’s second middle grade illustrated novel, Olga discovers what’s really wrong with Meh. And it’s actually not so bad!

Packing in twice the girl power, hilarious quips, and kooky science facts as the first installment in the series, Olga: We’re Out of Here is out of out of this world. Perfect for fans of Dear Dumb Diary and My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, and great preparation for El Deafo, Roller Girl, and Smile.