This Is Not A Science Book

This Is Not A Science Book

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Discover the art of science with this innovative and ingenious activity book, packed with creative projects and fun drawing challenges.

This is Not a Science Book develops science knowledge by stealth, through drawing, sketching, making, and coloring. From mapping out bones in the body, building amazing spinning rotocopters and brilliant brain puzzles, to monitoring the movements of the moon, taking a close-up look at creepy-crawlies, plus incredible optical illusions you can make yourself, the stimulating activities will get brains ticking and pens scribbling.

Charming text (coupled with fascinating illustrations) makes the subject accessible and fun, ensuring that this book will enthrall and entertain curious children for hours. Remember: this is NOT a science book…or is it?

  • From mapping bones in the body to creating optical illusions, these many activities are accessible, informative and fun.
  • Clear, concise text and illustrations; perfect for learning in any environment.
  • Includes a glossary and ideas for further projects.