Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends

Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends

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A turtle and a tortoise are supposed to be friends! After all, they’re so similar. Or are they? What happens when they realize they’re not so similar after all? From bestselling author Mike Reiss and bestselling illustrator Ashley Spires, Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends is a humorous take on unlikely friendships.

This is not your typical friendship story.

Turtle and Tortoise are two stubborn creatures who are absolutely, positively NOT friends. How could they be? One has a smooth shell and the other…well…doesn’t. They are far too different.

But, after holding a grudge for decades, these two must put their differences aside and learn to collaborate when an accident happens involving a BIG red ball.

Brought to life by New York Times bestselling illustrator Ashley Spires’s sophisticated and vibrant illustrations, the incomparable Mike Reiss’s newest picture book is a friendship tale that will stand the test of time.