Wayside School is Falling Down

Wayside School is Falling Down

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The perennially popular and bestselling Wayside School Is Falling Down has a fresh new look!

Bestselling and Newbery Medal and National Book Award–winning author Louis Sachar knows how to make readers laugh. And there are laughs galore in perennial favorite Wayside School Is Falling Down, now available in paperback with brand-new art!

Yum! Miss Mush is dishing out her famous Mushroom Surprise in the Wayside School cafeteria. Ron says it tastes like hot dogs and grape jelly. Clean your plate and you’ll turn green in time for class picture day. Wear your craziest outfit and you’ll fit right in between Maurecia in her striped bikini and Calvin, who’s wearing his birthday tattoo. Say cheese!

More than nine million readers have laughed at the wacky stories of Wayside School. So what are you waiting for? Come visit Wayside School!

This paperback edition features new cover art and new interior spot art.