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If you have visited Speckled Frog Toys & Books, chances are that you have met Lorelei, our resident toddler. She comes to work every day with Mama and GobGob (Grandma) and she loves it!  

LoLo loves making new friends and showing them the toys she thinks they will like. LoLo’s new friends often say, “You get to grow up in a toy store! How lucky!” then ask, “What does Lorelei play with?” Lorelei is always more than happy to show you her favorite toys.

LoLo has inspired us to run a monthly sale that features three toys that have captured her attention.   The discount applies in-store and online purchases of LoLo’s Picks for the current month.

LoLo’s Picks are discounted 10% for the month!

Come and See Us!  We have LoLo’s Picks for the current month available for hands-on toddler testing at Speckled Frog Toys & Books.
Visit us at to learn more about the toys and to make an online purchase.


Lolo’s Picks for March

Click Blocks have been one of Lorelei’s favorite building toys for a few months. We leave them on display and she plays with them every morning. These wooden blocks take some of the frustration out of building for her. With some of the traditional blocks she gets overzealous and tends to knock down her towers before she is done building. With the click blocks she can feel the blocks click together and must work to pull them apart, strengthening her fine motor skills. These sturdy wooden blocks withstand the tough love of a toddler.

Speckled Frog Toys & Books  carries four different sets of Click Blocks:  Basic, Intermediate, Primary Colors, and 100 Piece.


We dance and sing every day at Speckled Frog Toys & Books.  LoLo loves to play musical instruments while we dance and listen to music. Lately, she has been gravitating to the Bird Percussion Instruments. This series includes  Owl Castanet, Peacock Clapper, and Parrot Hand-Bell. The instruments are eye catching, sturdy and fit nicely in toddler hands.  These wooden instruments produce a more muted sound than most toddler instruments.

If you have a busy toddler in your life, you know that dumping, filling, and stacking activities provide endless entertainment. These wooden nesting toys  are simple yet fun toys for toddlers. Nesting Cylinders and Nesting Boxes are great open-ended toys that keep LoLo busy with filling, emptying, stacking, and nesting. Its compact size, durability, and toddler entertainment value make it the perfect toy for travel.

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