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We have books for our friends who are are ready to jump ahead to more words on a page. Our Emergent Readers are usually around 6-7 years old and are ready for more challenging words and story comprehension with less pictures.  Emergent readers will have an interest in different types of books - fiction and nonfiction.  They may take their interest in dinosaurs to the next step!
Emergent readers are expanding their reading skills by:
  • Reading books with more text on the page
  • Discovering and following longer storylines 
  • Exploring and understanding more complex sentence structures
  • Experimenting with different types of books - fiction, non-fiction, manuals, instructions.


Look for books with:

  • Increasingly more lines of text per page 
  • Fewer pictures
  • More complex sentence structure
  • Less repetition
  • Familiar topics with greater depth


Watch for our next blog posting for our Early Fluent Reader Friends!

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