Creation Station!

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This year we are offering our friends a free craft activity on public school holidays. The Ceation Station is an open craft table with glitter, tools, paper, and art supplies from our stash to encourage creativity. All of our friends really enjoy the experience of just seeing what happens with no pressure and no judgment.  We love seeing what our friends create from shiny objects and puff balls.  We have something for everyone on the table.  I can tell you that the zigzag scissors and the hole punch are definite favorites.  Did you know that when you cut a piece of paper with zigzag scissors it looks like an alligator?  It's true! One of my friends showed me and I've been sharing with everyone.  The thing about open-ended creativity is that it becomes so deliberate and so very important. This week a friend made a very specific picture for his Dad because KC WON THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP, so his picture represented the his Dad's team: THE CHIEFS!  I cannot tell you how sweet it is to be a part of that experience. Our friend was very intent and thoughtful!  It's amazing to watch all our friends, littles and bigs, enjoy the color and sparkle of their creations and what they represet. Pure Joy!


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