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Lolo’s Picks for May


LoLo’s Picks are discounted 10% for the month!

Come and See Us!  We have LoLo’s Picks for the current month available for hands-on toddler testing at Speckled Frog Toys & Books.

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3 Wooden Cars

Lorelei has been drawn to these cars since we put them on our shelves. I think part of the appeal, for her, is the sweet little cotton bag they come in. She loves taking them out, playing with them, then putting them away.

The cars come in a set of three, they are three different shades of wood that display the toys natural beauty. These wooden toys are a beautiful hand crafted by Fact + Fiction Toys. They are open ended which means your child will play with them longer. They are made from safe materials. These cars will last through years of play for your child, they are a true heirloom toy.

 To learn more about the Fact + Fiction brand visit our blog.


Kids Gardening Hand Tools


Spring has sprung here at Speckled Frog Toys & Books! In April we did an activity using beans, buckets, and the Kids Gardening Hand Tools. Lorelei played in the bucket of beans, filling the buckets using the garden tools, for days.

These hand tools are the perfect fit for tiny hands. They are easy to use, and they are regularly only $9!

This is another toy that has endless opportunities for play. These types of open-ended toys are what Lorelei is attracted to. She loves toys that help her use her imagination and aid in the never ending work of a two-year-old.


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