LoLo's Picks for April

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LoLo’s Picks are discounted 10% for the month!

Come and See Us!  We have LoLo’s Picks for the current month available for hands-on toddler testing at Speckled Frog Toys & Books.
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Lolo’s Picks for April

 Chalks of Fun


Chalks of Fun is perfect for Spring creativity. Their bright colors, fun shapes, and size are motivators for little outdoor chalk artists.  Lorelei loves using her Magical Mermaids set to share her artwork in the alley. These sets are great for drawing on the sidewalk on a sunny day or on paper on a rainy day.

Speckled Frog Toys & Books  carries three Chalks of Fun themes:  Magical Mermaids, Crazy Car Town, and Fox & Woodland Creatures.


Anything dinosaur is a hit at our house.  Dino Cars  get Lorelei moving and encourage pretend play.  She races dinos while imitating the universal language of dinosaurs, "RRRAAAAWWWWRR!" These make great small gifts and would be a great addition to a toddler's Easter basket.  We have four variations in the store: Diplo, Rex, Stego, and Trio


Beehives by Plan Toys are one of our most popular items. They are a great way to introduce your child to the concept of color matching while strengthening fine motor skills. While Lorelei is not quite ready to use the chopsticks to pick up the bees, she does enjoy matching the bees to their beehives and talk about the different colors.  Lorelei is consistently drawn to this toy and we play with the bees at least once a week.

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